Winnsboro, TX Bermuda Grass

29 Jun Winnsboro, TX Bermuda Grass

1st Field – No Fertilizer
Texas Bermuda Grass 1

2nd Field – Chicken Litter (2 tons/acre)
Texas Bermuda Grass 2

3rd Field – Grasshopper 30-8-10 at 12.5 lbs/acre
Texas Bermuda Grass 3

The field that had 30-8-10 applied is ready to be cut while the other fields still have a long way to go. The grasshoppers (insects, not fertilizer) have come in and they’re eating us out of house and home. So, we’re going to cut this hay tomorrow before they do too much damage.

As for the other fields, they won’t be ready to cut for another 3-4 weeks. After the grasshoppers are done eating, I’m not sure there will be anything left to cut. This illustrates the importance of not only growing quality hay, but growing it quickly as well.

Leon Sanders
Winnsboro, TX