Tobacco in Youngsville, North Carolina

25 Feb Tobacco in Youngsville, North Carolina

I operate Triple R Farms; During the 2013 tobacco growing season we had extreme rains which stressed the crop–it began to show signs of water damage—we began to apply 1 application of Grasshopper fertilizer—within a few days the crop began to improve in color, along with growth. It allowed us to produce extra pounds-late in August we applied an additional application on 85 acres–this showed even greater yield–leaf texture and did not rush the late harvest season- by our records where we applied the product out yields were over 650 pounds per acre along with extra leaf body. In 2014 we will apply in 2 applications prior to any weather stress– we conducted our own field test by leaving a few sections–it had to be harvested over 2 weeks prior–which would have made it impossible to control the harvest timely. We are very pleased with the benefits–we will use Grasshopper fertilizer on all our acres in 2014. Robert Richards III Youngsville , N.C.