Soybeans in Tennessee from September 2012

Here are some pictures of soybeans grown in Fayetteville,Tn. The farmer, Jerry Hollingsworth, is standing in his field. These beans are 5 ft high and have the most beans than I have every seen on soybeans. He used Grasshopper 10-52-2 as a pop-up fertilize at 1 bag every 2 acres, and then he used Grasshopper K2O at a rate of 2 gals per acre with 1 bag of Grasshopper 21-0-24 for every 10 acres. This added a little micro’s and sulfur to give it a little kick and this was a 1 week pre-bloom. They look like grape vines in the Napa Valley.He has a total of $92 retail an acre in fertilizer.