Shipping Info

How will my shipment arrive?

All orders being shipped will ship out as LTL freight.

What are the products shipped on?

Each order will arrive on standard pallets that have been shrink wrapped for protection.

How does my bagged fertilizer ship?

If purchasing a whole pallet of Fertilizer, the fertilizer will come 80 bags to a standard sized pallet which has been stacked on cardboard and shrink wrapped for protection.

What if I order Mojo Lime or Mojo K20?

All liquids shipped through Grasshopper Fertilizer will come in heavy-duty cardboard cases, which contain 2-4 jugs per case.

If ordering a whole pallet of Grasshopper’s Mojo Lime or K20 it will arrive on a standard size pallet containing 36 cases or 72 jugs of Lime/K20.

How much is the shipping costs to have my order shipped?

Shipping rates vary depending on products and quantities purchased! If you would like a more specific shipping quote contact your local dealer or corporate office for further information.

What do I need to unload my orders?

Please ensure that you will have adequate means to unload the freight off of the freight truck. Most of our current customers either have a tractor or fork lift available to assist in unloading the orders. If you will be unable to have adequate means to unload your order please contact the corporate office for further information and pricing for your order to be delivered properly.

When will my shipment be shipped out?

Once full payment for your product has been received and processed by your dealer or corporate office, your shipment will then be shipped out.

How long will it take my order to get to me?

Transit times vary from location to location, so for a more accurate shipping ETA contact your local dealer or corporate office for information on your order’s tracking.