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21 Jul Research from the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation

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Improving Corn and Soybean Yields With Starter and Foliar Application of Fluid Fertilizers.
Dorivar Ruis Diaz, Kansas State University

Previous research has shown that direct application of P and K to can have a significant impact on corn and soybean yield. Additional research investigating potential synergistic effects of starter and foliar applications of nutrients to maximize yields in corn and soybean is warranted. Also, increased nutrient demands from more intensive cropping systems and increasingly high yielding crops may also require additional micronutrients for optimum production. Supplementary foliar application of N, P, K, and micronutrients may help to enhance crop yields and improve overal nutrient use efficiency. As a result, there is increasing producer interest in the potential benefits of foliar application of nutrients to complement their overall fertilization program. The overall objective of this study is to evaluate crop response to starter fluid fertilizers in combination with foliar application of macro and micronutrients to maximize corn and soybean yields. Specific objectives include (1) assessment of corn and soybean grain yield and early growth response to starter application of fluid fertilizers and (2) compare responses with and without additional foliar fertilizers. (3) Verify potential soil parameters that could be related to responses to starter and foliar applied macro and micronutrients. (4) Evaluate tissue testing as a diagnostic tool to explain responses to foliar and starter macro and micronutrient application.  (5) Determine if foliar applied fluid fertilizers can maximize yields and increase nutrient use efficiency when combined with starter applied fertilizers.

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