Nucrop on Dry Land Arkansas Soybeans

01 Nov Nucrop on Dry Land Arkansas Soybeans

We applied a half gallon per acre of Nucrop 5-15-28 on some poor, dry land beans. We sprayed half of the field and left the other half untreated. There was a noticeable difference and improvement where Nucrop had been sprayed.
We harvested these beans on November 1st.
Treated: 25 bushels per acre
Un-Treated: 21 bushels per acre
Cost of 0.5 gallons of Nucrop 5-15-28 per acre = $8.58
4 bushel per acre X $11 per bushel (avg) = $44 per acre increase
Net profit increase per acre: $44 – $8.58 = $35.42
Danny Thomas
Thomas Farms
Newport, AR
AR Soybeans Nov 2014

AR Soybeans Nov 2014 (2)