Mojo K20 Plus Soil Test Results

26 May Mojo K20 Plus Soil Test Results

This pasture has not been limed for many years and had a sever weed problem. The grass was not very productive. We applied Mojo K20 Plus at a rate of 25# per acre with 37.5 gallons of water, applied with a boomless sprayer. Within three days we saw weeds yellowing and disappearing, not all weeds, but several types. During the application some of the product was sprayed into a runoff pond that had no growth on the bottom. On the third day we saw green growth on the bottom edges of the pond where the overspray had gotten into it. It was not our intent to treat the pond but it did receive some spray as we went around the edges. There was no rain fall for the next 10 days and we saw a difference in the grass. After 2″ of rain on the 15th day we took the ‘after treatment’ sample (E2). The E1 sample was prior to the application of Mojo K20 Plus. The numbers speak clearly as to what we saw in the grass itself. We are very pleased with the performance of this product on this 18 acre test plot and look forward to continued results like this in our other pastures and hay ground.

Attached you will find soil sample results:

E1 – Before pH 5.3   Phos Low – 15 K20 Med – 116 Calcium – 1207

E2 – After pH 7.3     Phos Med – 17 K20 Med – 129 Calcium – 6738

I appreciate your assistance in getting us this product.

James Phillips
Phillips Farms
Bay Minette, AL

Report on Soil Test from Auburn Univ. Soil Testing Lab