Manganese Deficiency in Soybeans?

23 Aug Manganese Deficiency in Soybeans?

Manganese Deficiency In Soybeans? Experts Advise Foliar Application
Source: Purdue University, Corn and Soybean Digest
Apr. 22, 2009 2:21pm

Corn and Soybean Digest

If a field is suspected to be manganese deficient, farmers should randomly collect 30-40 top most fully expanded trifoliate leaves in the suspected area and send them to a commercial lab for analysis, Vyn says.

If a manganese deficiency is present, Vyn recommends a foliar application seven to 10 days after the glyphosate application.

He says that farmers should not tankmix manganese with glyphosate because, when mixed, the efficacy of both, the glyphosate on weeds, as well as the manganese for the soybean plants, is reduced.

This year, Vyn and his team will look at manganese availability in glyphosate-resistant corn and glyphosate-resistant soybeans that are in rotation with and without glyphosate applications. They will also test two foliar applications versus one application and no application. Manganese by itself and in different combinations with other trace minerals such as zinc will also be evaluated.

This research has been funded by the Indiana Soybean Alliance.