Hay – Tennessee Sept 2012

11 Jan Hay – Tennessee Sept 2012

My name is Larry Davis and I live at Oak Grove in Hohenwald, TN. I own a 225 acre cattle farm in Lewis County and I compared granular fertilizer against Grasshopper Advanced Liquid fertilizer this year on a 10 acre test plot on my farm. On 5 acres I applied 19-19-19 at 300 lbs. per acre at a cost of $97 an acre and on the other 5 acres I applied 2 applications of Grasshopper fertilizer at a total cost of $54 for both applications. When we cut and baled the hay the results were as followed:

5 acres 19-19-19 at a cost of $99.40 an acre produced 375 bales or 75 bales per acre with an average cost of $1.33 a bale.

5 acres of Grasshopper 42-0-0 and Grasshopper 8-14-30 at a cost of $54.00 for both applications produced 307 bales or 62 bales an acre with an average cost of $0.87 a bale.