FAQ Slow Ride Slow Release Nitrogen – Product Comparisons

How is Slow Ride different from Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer?
Slow Ride differs from Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer by providing a fertilizer that is controlled release instead of just fast acting. All Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizers are fast acting and will supply your crops and fields with the nitrogen immediately as the plant absorbs it. Slow Ride will also be immediately absorbed into the plant as well but will remain in the plant for up to 8 weeks supplying the plant with nitrogen a little at a time until it has been completely metabolized throughout the plant.

Will Slow Ride work better than commercial granular or liquid fertilizer?
Slow Ride will offer your crops and fields a long residual and better green up then commercial granular or liquid fertilizer can provided. Also you will be able to supply your plants and crops with more actual nitrogen without burning your crops and plants like you would if you had supplied the same amount of nitrogen through traditional granular fertilizer.

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