FAQ Slow Ride Slow Release Nitrogen – Product Application

How do I apply Slow Ride?
It is best to apply Slow Ride in the early morning or late evening to avoid crop injury. As with the use of any agrichemical, crop injury is always possible.
Slow Ride can be applied with any spray agricultural spray that you would normally use to spray other foliar fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides with.

Can Slow Ride be used as a supplemental Fertilizer?
Yes Slow Ride may be used to supplement to any additional fertilizer programs or it may be used by itself as your fertility program. Slow Ride is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilization program and may not, by itself, provide all the nutrients normally required by crops or other intended plants.

Can Slow Ride be applied with other Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizers?
Yes Slow Ride may be combined with Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer to increase the growth period of your crops and fields with out the potential chances of damage. Using Slow Ride with Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer offers famers and ranchers an opportunity to apply more nitrogen in one application versus multiple applications during the growth periods.

Can Slow Ride be applied with herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides?
Yes Slow Ride may be applied with herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides to once again offer farmers and ranchers a way to fertilize and maintain their fields and crops with only one application. . Jar tests should be performed to confirm compatibility before mixing with other components.

Do you have to use a surfactant with Slow Ride?
No Slow Ride does not have to be applied with a surfactant, however it may increase the absorption rate and lessen product waste from run off if it is use with a surfactant.

At what rates do I apply Slow Ride to my crops or fields?
Rates and timing of applications are dependent on local conditions, and should always be made as a result of soil or plant tissue analysis. When used as directed, Slow Ride 25 will rarely supply all the nutrients required by plants. Best results are achieved when Slow Ride 25 is used to supplement a soil fertility program based on soil tests. Please consult your local Grasshopper Fertilizer Representative, Certified Crop Advisor or Extension Agent for use guidelines. Ground or aerial systems may be utilized to deliver Slow Ride 25. Use sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage. Product may be applied either diluted or undiluted. Unless otherwise listed below, a general rate for most other crops would be 4 – 6 qts/per acre when sufficient foliage is present. Higher rates may be applied if done so first on a small test area to determine acceptability.

How often can I apply Slow Ride?
Slow Ride may be applied as often as once per cutting, or as little as once per 8 weeks.

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