FAQ Slow Ride Slow Release Nitrogen – General Questions

What is Slow Ride?
Slow Ride is a proprietary liquid fertilizer solution, deriving its slow-release properties from methylene urea (estimated release pattern is 4 – 8 weeks). Slow Ride is recommended for Row Crops, Hay, Pasture, Vegetable Crops, Fruit and Nut Crops, Ornamentals and Turf. Slow Ride is ideal for drip irrigation systems, ground and aerial applications.

What is Slow Ride made of?
Slow Ride is made up of a slow release form of methylene urea, at allows for longer residual effects in the plant as well as better green up from the nitrogen as well. Slow release nitrogen offers a much lower salt index, which will allow more to be applied without the potential for burn.

Does it contain micronutrients?
No Slow Ride in itself does not contain micronutrients, however we are in the process of developing micronutrient packages that will be able to be used in conjunction with our Slow Ride products.

How does Slow Ride work?
Slow Ride absorbs in through the plants leafs and is slowly metabolized by the plant which will allow for a longer nitrogen residual and longer growth period by the plant. Our slow released nitrogen will reside in the plants for up to 4-8 weeks after initial application.

How will I know if it is working?
Once you have applied Slow Ride you will notice a green up from the plants as normal however you will see continuous growth instead of a short growth spurt right after application. You will see growth through out the growing period as well as additional growth after harvest.

What is the shelfe life on Slow Ride?
Slow Ride has a shelf life of up to a year if kept in proper storage. (Exp. Shed, Shop, Garage, etc.)

How do I store Slow Ride?
Store at temperatures between 35°F – 90°F, in a cool, dry chemical storage area. Keep out of reach of children and animals and keep container tightly closed. Do not allow water to be introduced into the container contents.

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