FAQ NuCrop Advanced Liquid Fertilizer – General Questions

What is NuCrop?

NuCrop is a proprietary liquid fertilizer solution, derived from the highest quality food grade nutrients available. NuCrop’s proprietary design promotes superior absorption and nutrient translocation within the plant. NuCrop is recommended for Row Crops, Hay, Pasture, Vegetable Crops, Fruit and Nut Crops, Ornamentals and Turf. NuCrop is ideal for drip irrigation systems, ground and aerial applications.


How does NuCrop work?

NuCrop can be used as both a foliar or a soil applied fertilizer to give your plants the nutrients it needs to grow.

The foliar application works by being directly absorbed into the plant through the plant leaves,  thus supplying the plant immediately with the much needed NPK.

The soil application will allow the plants to absorb the NPK through the roots for better start up.


Does NuCrop contain micronutrients?

NuCrop 12-6-6 + Micros contains micronutrients.


How do I store NuCrop?

Store at temperatures between 35°F – 90°F, in a cool, dry chemical storage area. Keep out of reach of children and animals and keep container tightly closed. Do not allow water to be introduced into the container contents.


What is the shelf life of NuCrop?

The shelf life of NuCrop is one year from the time of purchase, when stored properly.

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