FAQ Mojo Lime Liquid Alkalizer – Product Comparisons

How is Mojo Lime different from Dry Ag Lime?

Mojo Lime differs from Dry Ag Lime in many ways. First Mojo Lime is a highly micro-sized suspension that offers better coverage that is more evenly distributed. While Dry Ag lime is a course liming material that is dusty and unevenly spread over the treated surfaces. Dry Ag lime has a high risk for product waste because it is extremely dusty and will be blown away during the very difficult application process. Mojo Lime is easy to spread and has no dust and will provide an even, uniform application.


Will I get the same results or better from Mojo Lime as I would with dry commercial Ag lime?

When using Mojo Lime at the recommended rates you will have similar results as compared to one ton of dry lime per acre.

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