FAQ Mojo Lime Liquid Alkalizer – Product Application

How do I apply Mojo Lime?

Mojo Lime may be applied by using an agricultural sprayer. Mojo Lime – Liquid Lime is well suited for boomless nozzles, boom sprayers, hydro seeders and greenhouse irrigation systems. Mojo Lime can be applied in any condition, and the grass may be any length prior to application and the Mojo Lime will remain on the soil or plant leafs until it is washed off. Once the Mojo Lime has been rained on or washed into the soil by an irrigation system it will become active and immediately increase the pH levels of the soil it was applied to.


For Fish Ponds, general application rates are 2.5 gallons per surface acre of water. If commercial spray equipment is used, add one gallon of Mojo Lime – Liquid Lime to 30 gallons of water and project the dilution on to the water to be treated. If Mojo Lime – Liquid Lime is applied from a boat, slowly pour from a moving boat, letting the motor serve as a mixer. NOTE: For best results, water analysis is recommended to accurately determine application rate.


How much Mojo Lime do I apply?

For a wide variety of soil treatments, 2.5 to 5 gallons per acre has proven to be the accepted application rate. Typically, a soil pH in the low 6 ranges will use 2.5 gallons per acre, while a pH below 6 may require 5 gallons per acre. Reconstituted Mojo Lime needs to be applied at a rate no less then 25 gallons of water per acre for sufficient coverage of the product.  


Note: Contact your local Mojo Lime Representative for specific rate and application instructions. Application rates may vary based upon soil types and desired pH range.


Can I apply Mojo Lime and Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer at the same time?

No Mojo Lime may not be applied with any other chemical due it not being a foliar application as well as the other chemicals may break down the suspension agent used in Mojo Lime even further and cause difficulties when trying to apply it.


Can I apply Mojo Lime before or during a rain?

Yes Mojo Lime can be applied before and during a rain. This will help the Mojo Lime reach the soil and embed in the soil better and allow for faster results.


When do I apply Mojo Lime?

Mojo Lime may be applied throughout the year. When using traditional dry lime, farmers and ranchers typically spread lime in the fall for results to show in the spring planting, as well as spreading lime in the spring for results in the fall crops and fields. This is not the case with Mojo Lime since it has such a fast reaction time. You may apply our Mojo Lime up to two weeks prior to planting and crop growth for immediate results in your crops and fields. No longer will you have to play the waiting game, hoping your lime investments pay off!  With Mojo Lime you will see results and affects from the product within weeks of applications!


How often can I apply Mojo Lime?

We recommend Mojo Lime being applied at least once a year. However, you may apply Mojo Lime every spring and fall to benefit your crops and fields.

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