FAQ Mojo Lime Liquid Alkalizer – Product Advantages and Disadvantages

What is the biggest advantage using Mojo Lime versus dry commercial Ag lime?

The biggest advantage to using Mojo Lime will be that you can achieve immediate pH increases. Where as if you use Dry Lime it may take months to years before the limestone is broken down enough to actually be utilized to increase the pH if it can ever be utilized.


What is one disadvantage using Mojo Lime?

The only disadvantage is because of how fast acting our lime is you may have to apply Mojo Lime every year, especially if you are used to liming every 3 years or more. However, because our lime is fast acting you are receiving all of the benefits from our lime and are not wasting product. In fact we recommend that you use Mojo Lime every 8-12 weeks for prolonged pH maintenance.

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