FAQ Mojo Lime Liquid Alkalizer – General Questions

What is Mojo Lime?

Mojo Lime – Advanced Liquid Alkalizer is a proprietary micro sized suspension that maximizes the efficiency of limestone for pH adjustment. Mojo Lime is often referred to as ‘Liquid Lime’. However, Mojo Lime is smoother and easier to handle than other Liquid Lime formulas.


What is Mojo Lime made of?

Mojo Lime is made with food grade calcium carbonate and proprietary suspension and dispersal agents. Mojo Lime’s calcium carbonate particles are less than 5 microns in size while the competition’s Liquid Lime products range from 50-200 microns in size. Mojo Lime – Liquid Lime offers the finest calcium carbonate particulates available in suspended form.


How does Mojo Lime work?

Mojo Lime works by the ultra-fine limestone solids reacting more rapidly to neutralize hydrogen in the soil and achieve the desired pH, when compared to the typical Ag Lime.


How will I know if Mojo Lime is working in my soil?

When using Mojo Lime you will be able to see immediate color change and better growth from your crops and fields compared to the years of waiting that is associated with using commercial agricultural lime.


How do I store Mojo Lime?

Store at temperatures between 35°F – 90°F, in a cool, dry chemical storage area. Keep out of reach of children and animals and keep container tightly closed. Do not allow water to be introduced into the container contents.


What is the shelf life of Mojo Lime?

Mojo Lime has a shelf life of 6 months from the time of purchase due to the suspension agents used to manufacture our Mojo Lime products.


Why does Mojo Lime work so well?

Mojo Lime works so well because of the unique size and quality of the material used to manufacture it. Mojo Lime is made of micro sized calcium carbonate particles that will begin to break down and instantly neutralize the hydrogen once washed into the soil, which will allow for faster pH increases.


Can I use Mojo Lime in my fishponds?

Mojo Lime has been designed to improve the pond environment and offer easy liquid application. For best results, water analysis should be preformed to determine the appropriate application rates, for treatment of fishponds requiring pH adjustment or improved alkalinity.

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