FAQ Mojo Lime Liquid Alkalizer – Effect on Soil and Grasses

How long does it take before Mojo Lime starts to work?

Once Mojo Lime is washed or irrigated into the soil it will immediately start to neutralize the hydrogen in the soil, thus increasing the soil’s pH levels.


How long will Mojo Lime last in my soil?

Depending on the soil type, Mojo Lime may remain in the soil anywhere from three months to a year after application. Dry and clay soils may experience slower pH changes.


What will I notice from my crops or fields after I apply Mojo Lime?

You should expect to see greener grasses or vegetation, as well as better growth.


Will Mojo Lime replenish any of my soil deficiencies?

You should see an increase in your calcium levels in your soil as well as an increase in your pH levels when using Mojo Lime.

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