FAQ Mojo K2O Liquid Alkalizer – Product Mixing

How do I mix Mojo K20?

Using commercial spray equipment, fill dilution tank 50-70% full with water and start
 agitation. Add the correct amount of Mojo K20 and finish filling the mixing tank. Suggested dilution rate for general use is 10 gallons of water to 1 gallon of Mojo K20 depending upon the type of equipment being used. Mojo K20 is well suited for boomless nozzles, boom sprayers, hydro seeders and irrigation systems. For home lawn and garden spray equipment, add one cup of Mojo K20 to 2 gallons of water. Shake mixture in a hand-held tank or backpack tank before spraying. Regular soil pH testing is recommended to determine the amount of alkalizer and the application intervals. 
Note: Contact your local Mojo K20 Representative for specific rate and application instructions. Application rates may vary based upon soil types and desired pH range.


Can I mix Mojo K20 with other Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizers?

Mojo K20 can be mixed with Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer to increase the potash in the plants as a foliar application.


Can I mix Mojo K20 with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides?

Mojo K20 can be mixed with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides when used as a foliar supplement.  

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