FAQ Mojo K2O Liquid Alkalizer – Product Comparisons

How does Mojo K20 compare to dry commercial Ag lime?

The micro-sized carbonate in Mojo K20 will react more rapidly to achieve the desired pH, when compared to the typical Ag Lime. Course dry liming materials are unevenly spread over treated surfaces and difficult to handle. Mojo K20 – Liquid Lime has no dust and provides an even particle distribution with the use of proper application equipment. Mojo K20 – Liquid Lime can improve soil pH on contact for more nutrient absorption from coinciding fertilizer feed rates.


What is the difference between Mojo Lime and Mojo K20?

Mojo Lime is a calcium based heavy suspension where Mojo K20 is a potash based true solution. Mojo K20 also has dual purposes, where as Mojo Lime only has one.


Will I get the same results as dry commercial Ag lime?

When using Mojo K20 at the recommended rates you will have similar results at one ton of dry lime per acre. When using Mojo K20 you will have faster reaction times thus offering one hundred percent usage of all the Mojo K20 alkalizing properties, or potash supplementation. You will receive instant results versus waiting and never receiving 100% of the benefits from the course dry Ag lime.  

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