FAQ Mojo K2O Liquid Alkalizer – Product Application

When do I apply Mojo K20?

Spring and Fall applications are recommended for soils with a pH less than 5.0. Mojo Lime may also be applied as a foliar potash supplement to your foliage when applying a foliar fertilizer. Apply Mojo K20 in the early morning or late evening hours, and reduce the application rate if used in conjunction with a foliar fertilizer or other chemicals.


How do I apply Mojo K20?

Mojo K20 is to be applied using an agricultural sprayer, or hand held lawn sprayer if applying it to a garden. Mojo K20 is well suited for boomless nozzles, boom sprayers, hydro seeders and irrigation systems.


How much Mojo K20 do I apply?

For a wide variety of soil treatments, 2.5 to 5 gallons per acre is the recommended application rate. Typically, a soil pH in the 5.5 – 6.0 range will use 2.5 gallons per acre, while a pH below 5.5 may require 5 gallons per acre. The 5 gallon per acre application can also be split into 2 separate applications. Reduce rates if you are using with other chemicals, to lessen the potential for burn.


Can I apply Mojo K20 along with other Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizers?

Yes Mojo K20 may be applied with Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizers when it is being used as an added supplement for additional potash.


Can I apply Mojo K20 with herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides?

Yes Mojo K20 may be applied with herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides when you are applying the Mojo K20 as an added supplement.


Can I apply Mojo K20 before or during a rain?

Yes, if you are applying Mojo K20 as an alkalizer to the soil to increase pH levels, it may be applied before or during a rain. However if you are using it as a supplement, it should not be applied during rain. You must have at least half a day for the Mojo K20 to absorb into the foliage before it rains when using it as a supplement.


How often can I apply Mojo K20?

Mojo Lime may be used as an alkalizer every spring or fall to increase the pH of the soil.  Or may be applied every once every 28-31 days if used as a potash supplement.

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