FAQ Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer – Product Mixing

 Can herbicide be added to Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer?

Yes. Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer works great with herbicide. When the two are combined, surfactant is no longer needed for the herbicide. In addition, herbicides can often increase in potency and strength when combined with fertilizer. In some cases, herbicide rates can be reduced by 10% when combined with fertilizer.

Jar tests should be performed to confirm compatibility before mixing with other components.

Please consult an agronomist or a Regional Sales Manager before reducing the usage rate.


How do I mix Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer?

Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer is best mixed in a sprayer equipped with a circulator or agitator. Fill tank 75% full with water. Slowly pour the powder mix into tank with the circulator/agitator running. Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer will mix instantly in the water. We recommend mixing 1 lb. per 1 gallon of water or 25 gallons of water to every bag of dry fertilizer. If your tank is not equipped with a circulator/agitator, Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer can be mixed easily by pouring in your mix at a slower rate.

Call us at 888-870-9212 with any question. The concentration can sometimes be increased in certain conditions — cooler weather, irrigated fields, less sensitive crops.

Please consult your Regional Sales Manager before increasing concentrations.


Does water temperature affect the solubility of Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer?

Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer will mix slower in colder temperatures (40-60 degrees). Blends that are high in nitrogen will mix slowly in colder temperatures because the nitrogen reduces the water temperature. When mixing Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer in cold temperatures, we recommend mixing during the day before application during the warmest part of the day. Once Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer is mixed, it will remain in permanent solution in above freezing temperatures. Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer mixes instantly in warm temperatures.

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