FAQ Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer – General Questions

What is Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer?
Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer is an industrial strength, technical grade, and water-soluble foliar fertilizer. Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer was designed for high quality crop and hay production. Grasshopper is one of the few foliar fertilizers on the market that is 100% water-soluble. All of the macro (nitrogen, phosphorus, potash) and micronutrients are absorbed thru the leaf. As a result, activity will begin immediately without rain.

Is your product organic?
No, not if you require Organic Certification. Most Grasshopper Fertilizer products are derived from natural elements that are then chemically treated for purity (many natural elements contain unwanted or toxic elements and metals) and efficiency/availability.

Here are a few definitions of organic fertilizers:
Fertilizers derived from animal or vegetable waste, or minerals occurring in nature.

An organic fertilizer refers to a soil amendment derived from natural sources that guarantees, at least, the minimum percentages of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash.
Examples include plant and animal by-products, rock powders, seaweed, inoculants, and conditioners.

Then there are ORGANIC FERTILIZERS approved for use by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). The USDA NOP, with its “USDA Organic” label, allows for the use of only certain substances.

Does Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer provide micronutrients?
Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer has one of the largest micro nutrient packages on the market today. Each blended bag of Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer is specially formulated with a high quality micro nutrient pack. Although the amounts of micronutrients are seemingly small, they can often play the largest role in determining crop yield.

Why would I want to use Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer?
Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer applications are usually more affordable than granular or commercial liquid applications in terms of cost per acre. 
Foliar fertilizer applications are the most effective way to correct nutrient deficiencies in the plant. Once deficiencies are present and/or visible, timing is critical. 
Foliar fertilizer is absorbed without rain or irrigation, thus providing nutrition more quickly to the plant and making more efficient use of the growing period. 
Foliar fertilizer can be mixed with herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Mixing foliar fertilizer with these products will often improve their efficiency, and reduce the amount of herbicide, insecticide and/or fungicide needed. 
Foliar fertilizer is a more effective way of providing nutrients to the plant when the soil’s pH is off. Foliar fertilizer has a less negative impact than granular fertilizer, because the ammonium nitrate in granular and commercial liquid soil applied fertilizers increases the hydrogen in the soil thus lowering the pH. 
Foliar fertilizer is more compact in terms of storage space than granular, because the application amount of foliar fertilizer is considerably less than granular. You can reduce your storage and still keep a sufficient amount on hand.

If foliar fertilization is more effective, then why aren’t more people doing it?
Most of the farming population farms ‘like grandpa’. The methods change, but change very slowly. Another reason is that the major fertilizer companies in the world are structured to produce and handle commercial granular fertilizer. Granular fertilizer is inefficient. The less efficient the fertilizer, the more fertilizer is required. A more efficient fertilizer is the worst enemy of the commercial fertilizer giants. Fertilizer is also taxed at a state level by the ton. Fertilizer taxes are primarily used to support state and county agricultural departments and universities. Unfortunately, inefficient fertilizer benefits the regulating bodies as it does the large fertilizer companies.

Can Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer be used as a starter or popup fertilizer?
Yes. Our most popular starter fertilizer is our 10-52-2. Our starter fertilizer is designed to increase germination and to jumpstart the root development. To achieve the best results, apply the fertilizer close to the seed (injecting, knifing, etc.) as opposed to broadcasting and incorporating. We don’t recommend using high nitrogen fertilizers as a starter or at planting. Our high nitrogen fertilizers will be most effective as a foliar when leaf has developed.

How long will Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer last or remain active?
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash in a granular or foliar form, when made available to the plant will generally have a similar activity period. Certain fertilizers are referred to as ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ release. This is an indication of the time required before the fertilizer is made available rather than the amount of time that the fertilizer is actually working.

For example: Sulfur or poly coated urea may be referred to as slow or long lasting. Once the outer coating and then the urea is broken down and made available, the nitrogen endures as long as any other form. The best way to achieve long lasting results from your fertilizer is to utilize all of it. When Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer is applied to a plant, the fertilizer will be absorbed between 2 – 24 hours. The fertilizer will be working and active for 2 – 3 weeks. However, the plant now has improved health, nutrition, root development, and will continue growing at an improved rate long after the fertilizer is consumed.

How volatile is the Nitrogen in Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer?
The various nitrogen derivatives used in the Grasshopper blends are very stable compared to most derivatives in granular fertilizer. The high quality, technical grade derivatives that are used are absorbed and available immediately to the plant. As a result, the fertilizer is secured from leaching, volatilization, urease, etc.

Why is Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer shipped in powder form rather than liquid?
Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer is shipped in a powder form for efficient handling and storage. Depending on the application and crop requirements, a pallet of Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer will cover 80-160 acres. A truckload will cover 1600-3400 acres. The volume of 1 pallet of Grasshopper fertilizer mixed with water would be 2,000 gallons. A truckload of commercial liquid fertilizer consists of 5,500 gallons. At this rate, the water volume (once mixed) of 3 pallets of Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer would equal 1 truckload of commercial liquid fertilizer. We feel that you can purchase water just as cheaply as we can.

What is the shelf life of Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer?
Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer can be stored for up to 1 year indoors (shed, shop, garage, etc.). Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer is a water-soluble fertilizer. As a result, the powder may absorb moisture over extended periods of time. This will not affect the strength or quality of the fertilizer, but may affect its ability to mix instantly in a sprayer.

How do I store Grasshopper Fertilizer?
Store at temperatures between 35°F – 90°F, in a cool, dry chemical storage area. Keep out of reach of children and animals and keep the bag tightly closed. Do not allow water to be introduced into the bagged contents.

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