EXCEL Test HS928

08 Dec EXCEL Test HS928

2009 Excel Test HS928


Bermuda Grass

Test Plot Location:

Sharp Ranch

Hagansport, TX

Soil Type:

Gumbo, Sand

Planting Methods:


Agronomists, Crop Scouts, Facilitators or Witnesses:

Mr. G.W. Sharp

Mr. J.E. Minoletti


The objective of this result demonstration was to measure the quality and root development of Bermuda Grass when treated with Grasshopper Excel.

Materials and Methods:

Materials and methods used for this experiment were as follows; The test location consisted of a 5 acre Bermuda Grass pasture. The pasture was then separated into a 4 acre section and a 1 acre control section. The 4 acre section was sprayed with 10 ounces per acre of Grasshopper Excel. The control (1 acre) section was untreated. The application was made on September 28th. This application was made late in the season when Bermuda Grass begins to go dormant. The grass was approximately 2 inches tall at the time of application.

Results and Discussion:

On October 5th, both sections were analyzed. The grass in the section treated with Grasshopper Excel was 3-5 inches taller in height and considerably darker in color. . The grass that was treated with Excel had 2-3 times more root mass and the stand had become considerably thicker.

The control section had not grown and was entering dormancy.


In our observation, Excel was able to stimulate the roots, thus increasing nutrient uptake. Excel was able to prolong the growth stage of the grass preventing the grass from going dormant at this late stage of the season. Excel continued to grow for 4 to 5 weeks after the non treated section entered dormancy.

Our Research and Development Department will continue testing forage and grass in addition to corn, wheat, cotton, milo, rice, alfalfa, canola, etc. We will also be working with a number of Universities and Agriculture Departments who will be participating in these tests.

ImagesControl Section Grasshopper Fertilizer

root comparison

Before Excel Treatment

1 week after excel treatment


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