Excel Dunn Rice

08 Dec Excel Dunn Rice

Data Collected by the University of Missouri


Effect of Excel on Dunn Rice

Yields from the Rice Trial:

Treatment Bu/Acre Increase
Check 147 0
Excel 8 oz 157 6.8%
Excel 16 oz 161 9.5%
Excel 32 oz 154 4.7%
60 lbs TSP* 155 5.4%
30 lbs TSP + Excel 8 oz 160 8.8%
LSD 0.05 7.6
CV% 3.4

TSP = Triple Super Phosphate

The above table is the data of the Excel Rice trial conducted at the University of Missouri, Portageville, Research Station. Since this was a data-only transmission, the experimental procedures were not included, but are forthcoming.

The timing of the application was immediately pre-plant. Fertilizer was applied broadcast, followed by the Excel broadcast, and then all of it was incorporated. Phosphate was left out of the fertilizer blend for the Excel only treatments.


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