Carolina Twin Row Soybeans/Corn from April/May 2012

Twin row corn and soybeans as of May 19,2012.
twin row corn planted April 5,2012
ppa 32,000
no DAP or K broadcast (none called for from soil test)
100 lbs/ac urea
10 gal/ac 10-52-2 (one 25 lb bag does 2 acres)
10 gal/ac 42-0-0 applied May 04,2012
Pioneer 1615HR

Twin row soybeans Planted May 1,2012 ppa 150,000
no DAP or K broadcast( none called for from soil test)
8 gal/ac 10-52-2 (diluted to 3 acres/25 lb. bag)
Pioneer 94Y81

Both crops had 4.3 inches of rain Wednesday & Thursday.