Carolina Corn and Soybeans 2011

First four pics taken July 29, 2011, the last two were taken on October 26, 2011. Soybeans planted June 25th. Soybeans had 8-14-30 applied July 20th. Rate of a bag to 2 acres, or 4-7-15 /acre.

Corn fertilizer was 100 lbs/ac of N. Then Grasshopper after that.
Soybeans……..the pics are of beans behind wheat……haven’t gotten my weigh tickets back on them but my monitor was running 52-55 bu/ac. My early beans were destroyed by Irene. With those losses, my overall yield will be around 30 bu/ac. Not a good bean year!
All my crops had Grasshopper. I believe foliar fertilizer is the way to go!
Soybeans as of today, probably a week away from harvesting. In case y’all don`t remember, these are Pioneer 95Y40, planted June 25th, sprayed in 8-14-30 Grasshopper fertilizer and Roundup in July. All the wheat beans look good!