About Us

The Grasshopper Fertilizer Company is the leader in developing plant nutrition products for the agricultural industry.Grasshopper Foliar Fertilizer was the industry’s first foliar fertilizer designed with micronutrients and root stimulators, and the only foliar fertilizer on the market capable of 100% absorption into the plant. Until Grasshopper was introduced into the marketplace, foliar fertilization was rarely used and then only as a supplement.

We have a broad range of products to improve plant health and yield through nutrition management in row crops, forages, fruits, vegetables and turf. Through the use of Grasshopper nutritional products, many yield enhancing improvements have been made to current production practices in many cropping systems.

The Driver brand line of foliar fertilizer was developed to address nutrient issues specific to turf and landscaping. Driver is used extensively on golf courses, civic and corporate parks. Advanced product is our root stimulator and growth hormone soil supplement. Slow Ride is our slow release liquid nitrogen product. Mojo Lime and Mojo K2O are the leading alkalizing products for raising the soil PH level.

Grasshopper Fertilizer Company is committed to creating cost effective nutritional supplements. Each of our products were developed to resolve specific nutritional deficiencies. We are continuously expanding our products to meet the specific needs of our customers.

The Grasshopper Fertilizer Company started with farmers working directly with agronomists, agriculture schools and chemists to develop water soluble fertilizer formulations that produce measurable results at an affordable cost. Grasshopper Fertilizer, working with Universities and Independent Trial Farms, is continuously testing and developing new cutting edge nutritional products.

Our Corporate Headquarters is centrally located in Mount Vernon, Texas. We have Distribution Centers located nationwide, and an extensive network of Dealers (75 and growing). Grasshopper Fertilizer Company has a knowledgeable team of Account Representatives, Agronomists and Crop Scouts to assist Dealers and Producers find plant nutrition solutions in an ever changing cropping system and environment.

The management team at Grasshopper Fertilizer Company includes agronomists, agricultural businessmen, farmers and ranchers, who intimately understand the high costs and low profits that challenge our industry. Our company continues to work closely with those who actually use our products to improve their effectiveness and develop newer applications.

Our company continues to work closely with those who actually use our products to improve their effectiveness and develop newer applications.

One thing that sets the Grasshopper Fertilizer Company apart is we use our own products on our own fields, row crops, orchards, golf courses, pastures and gardens. We are farmers, ranchers, grounds maintenance professionals and gardeners. If it doesn’t produce results, we’re not going to sell it to you.