Our newest and most innovative Specialty Ag Products including Liquid Lime, Slow Release Nitrogen and Transporting Agents.


Real world testimonials and field reports. See what farmers and ranchers are saying about our Specialty Ag Products.


Grasshopper’s Specialty Ag Products are field and lab tested to promote superior yields at an affordable price.

We produce an extensive line of foliar fertilizer products
and specialty nutritional supplements.

All of our products have been developed to resolve specific nutritional deficiencies. We work closely with end users to solve their needs and create cost effective products that provide the desired results. We have an extensive network of dealers and a knowledgeable team of representatives to assist customers select and apply the right foliar fertilizer product for their specific needs.


Soil & Plant Tissue Testing

Analyzing soil nutrient concentration along side a plant tissue sample is an essential tool for making accurate fertilizer application recommendations. Send us your soil and/or plant tissue samples and our experts will help you develop the perfect nutrient program.


Pasture Management Consultants

Grasshopper’s R&P specialists have extensive experience in designing programs to increase growth, stocking rates, protein & TDN, while simultaneously eliminating weeds.

Wildlife Food Plot Specialists

Habitat Forming: Improving your habitat through superior plant growth, digestibility, increased protein, greater yields and extended grazing will promote a habit forming addiction.